I have always been fascinated with anatomy. When I was young we had a set of encyclopedias and I would regularly have the H out opened to HUMAN BODY. The glassine page overlays revealed all the intricately beautiful inner workings of us- with the skeleton, the organs, the systems and the muscles. I still think about those pages among some of my very favorite things.

In college, I spent hours on end in the library looking at antique medical illustrations and all their permutations of what was perceived inside. To this day I search for anatomy books at thrift shops, hoping for some out of print treasure.

My drawings are delicate reworkings;  inlaying other anatomies, cross colonizing and hydridding these insides to form visual poems. I select and craft my imagery with metaphor to strengthen the poetry, recreating and redefining what is inside of us and allowing it to shine.

In my recent body of work I have been using watercolor and ink to map out the body and offer a fluidity. I have chosen red lead and watercolor because I feel deeply connected to this color as that of hot skin or blood rushing or infrared heat.

I earned a BFA in Drawing from Pratt Institute and an MFA in New Genres from San Francisco Art Institute. While I have explored various media I always find myself coming back to pencil on paper and love its immediacy and simplicity.

I currently live and work in Los Angeles with my husband and two daughters, who provide endless inspiration.